Most of us don't believe in the reality of all Testimonials!

When I said "Most of us" it included myself. In spite of all this, after doing some profound thinking, we realized that we should post them, otherwise we will betray trader's interest, due to the following reasons:

1. we should firmly act and dissipate trader's incredulity, by supplying him/her the e-mail address of the testimonial writer, if is demanded privately. Thus, not only they will both communicate, but why not, they will exchange reciprocal advantaged trading ideas.
2. the Testimonials could constitute a real golden mine (in my humble opinion) for the learning of trading, especially for the novice traders, once the incredulity has been dissipated.
3. it could greatly assist the founder of this website and author of the three books and 12 seminar Courses, to better reach the most optimal audience!

Testimonial Booklet