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Dr Mircea Dologa, MD, CTA, began his investment and trading career in pharmaceutical and real estate industries, in 1987. As a Commodity Trading Advisor (Series 3 Exams) registered with the National Futures Association in USA and a Stock Investment Adviser (Series 7 Exams) by the New York Stock Exchange clients, he founded a new teaching concept, mainly based on the practical aspects of trading for the newcomers and also experienced traders.

He is a well-known contributor to the international trading magazines:

He studied and practiced the Integrated Pitchfork Analysis for more than ten years  and  has written three books on  this subject – over 1500 pages and 1420 charts; more than 20 international trading articles were also consecrated to this work.

Among the incommensurable advantages of the Integrated Pitchfork Analysis technique, there are the following principles:

  • This technique has become a head-start in terms of professional trading, based on the author’s knowledge and practice of more than two decades, even if the writer’s original concept has rooted from  more than 75 years of trading experience of our masters like Schabacker,  Babson,  Marchal  and  Dr Alan H. Andrews.
    Thus, a "trading edge too efficient to be ignored" has been created!
  • The "Key Points to Remember" section, located at the end of each book chapter over 1500 pages, has been designed to sharpen the understanding of the just described theory pertaining to exposed case studies and also to provide prompt reference points for later quick revisions.
  • The author’s experience in medical field warned and taught him that there is no positive outcome of any well accomplished tasks without the heavy load of clinical cases practice, once that the knowledge and confidence are at "rendez-vous". Thus, he provided for almost every chapter, the case studies, which will not only emphasize the theoretical presentation, but will also comfort the trader’s comprehension and confidence.

As an entrepreneurial person that you probably are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this text right now; you took up the decision to become a profitably consistent trader… Don’t wait… This trading technique cautioned by the professionals is for you!  Be warned of the risk and the problems ahead… The road to conquer the trading Learning Curve is long and thorny… you’ll certainly get there if you really want it, but you’ll have to fight teeth and nails!

Mircea Dologa

Our abridged Bio

Dr Mircea Dologa attended New York University and Cooper Union School of Engineering and Science in New York and graduated from the latter with a B.S. in Theoretical Physics. He obtained his Doctorate in Medicine from the School of Medicine in Paris. He also took MBA courses in finance and business management at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and at the French School of Business and Finance (HEC Paris France).
After holding the positions of Medical Director and later of General Manager, he decided in 1992 to focus exclusively on his investments and since then he has devoted his activity to financial markets.
He lives with his wife and two daughters in Paris, France.