What is Integrated Pitchfork Analysis?
It is


A method

A prolific and an ergonomic method that efficiently assists the trader to enhance his trading results, on his way to consistency.


A trend

We all know the two possible movements of any market: trending, 70% of the time and sideways, the remaining 30%.


Efficient tool

It is naturally applied, with the same degree of efficiency, to both types of markets.

Trading technique

We cover with a single technique the overall market time. This provides a real edge in our fierce and competitive trading environment..

The Eyes of Truth

When you enter the highly competitive field of trading, the novice trader should be aware that he is up against the finest, sharpest and toughest minds in business. Not only that, consider the following: these people’s economic survival depends upon their best judgement.


Using a metaphor we can surely say, “they have the teeth so long and so scalpel-sharpen that they can scratch the crystal floor of any Exchange”.


Going further, a question inevitably arises: “Is there anything that a novice or a poorly trained trader can do to grab a place under the sun ? ... “


“You only have to follow and understand the smart money using Pitchfork Analysis, so you can get your financial freedom!”
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