Once the trading knowledge has been assimilated, the most difficult task of a trader is to choose, not only the best strategy but also the most adapted tactical elements of his trading arsenal.
For instance, if the market is in an up-sloping trend, what tools will yield an optimal trading result?
Will it be the Momentum indicator, the Volume associated with the On-Balance Indicator or rather the strict monitoring of the market through a set of pitchforks?
We decided to also post, besides the Reports, their continuous Archives. Well… in this manner the astute trader has the opportunity of comparing the up-trending elements presented in Reports, with the up-sloping elements taken out of the market battle, after the trade decision. And of course all these will be closely studied with the immediate post-trade Trader’s Journal, implicating also the Money & Risk Management.


Dr. Mircea Dologa

Dr. Mircea Dologa


"Predarea noastra are un singur scop...
Sa permita tuturor celor care sunt inzestrati in mod natural cu ambitie, minte ascutita, perseverenta si dorinta de a invata, sa faca parte din experienta noastra de partajare!
Este singurul mod pe care il stim, sa insotim traderulul de la blocurile de pornire spre teritoriile inalte ale platourilor cu iarba verde...!"