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Who created and initially developed the Integrated Pitchfork Analysis?

Greetings Jansen,

Thank you for your interest in my trading & research work!

Concerning your question “Who is the creator & initial developer of Integrated Pitchfork Analysis?”, please find below our opinion:


In all modesty… Who knows if somebody will mention our name in the year 2050, but in our opinion, one thing is sure…The Integrated Pitchfork Analysis created and developed by us, since the low 1990s, will still be around! Why? Because it is very profitable, if properly applied! It is a sub-field of Technical Analysis very little known by the crowd!

The big merit belongs to Babson and Dr Alan H. Andrews. The former created the first steps of Median Line Analysis, more than three quarters of a century ago and the latter contributor continued the development, under the name Dr Andrews’ Pitchfork, since the low 1960s… !

By the way…Today’s the 20th of August 2007, and we are writing this in Paris.

Wish you only the best for you!

Dr Mircea Dologa, MD, CTA, MTA affiliate Paris – France