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Who uses Integrated Pitchfork Analysis & what is the optimal time frame?

Greetings Gordon,

Many thanks for your interest in my work!

I have to confess that the Integrated Pitchfork Analysis is a technique applicable to any Time Frame (from 1 min to monthly, or even more) and to any type of markets (stocks, Futures, Options, etc).

Why? … The reason is very simple. It’s a professional method used by the bank traders and Exchange traders (CME & CBOT) mostly. They use it in intra-day and also for position and swing trading and also… for investing (more than 3 months).

The main edge of this technique is its advantage to immediately reveal the TREND of the market. Furthermore, I introduce and develop the Trade Management and Money & Risk Management (Volume I for Beginners & Intermediate level and Volume II for Advanced level).

I am attaching for you, several charts on 5-min, 240-min and daily time frames and one of my published articles. You also have an example of a trade, which was very profitable.

I have to warn you that it is not a Holy Grail. However, it teaches and assists the trader to make a living out of its practice… with consistent trading outcome around the corner!

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We also have a live seminar in Paris, whose costs can be deducted from income tax, including travel & sojourn.

We wish you the best in your professional life, whatever you decide!

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Dr Mircea Dologa, MD, CTA Paris France