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Real-Time Trading Recommendations?

Greetings Cassy,

Thank you for your interest in my trading & research work!

Concerning your question “Do you practice any real-time trading recommendations?”, please find below our opinion:

Buy & sell points in real-time: Sorry we don’t do it! Why? Because it will not be healthyfor the student. The trade profit doesn’t come from the entry. It comes from themanagement of the entire trade, after the entry and especially the money management,including add-ons, targeting, multiple exits or nibbling. The student must be aware and quickly understand the whole mental trading mechanism… Or this isn’t possible with the novice traders. This can be accomplished only if the student has at least, an intermediate level. If the trader has already this level, then he/she doesn’t really need any recommendations. He can do the trades by himself/herself. What is better? Give the fish to the man, or rather give him the fishing tools and teach him how to fish?

I rather believe in “over-the-shoulder” real-time trading and also mentorship, when the trainer has the time-leisure of explaining the trade’s mechanism. The less numerous the student mini-groups the better…! Thus we can consecrate more time to each individual student!

This can be accomplished ONLY if you practice a professional trading. Otherwise you risk loosing all your capital. You don’t want the medical student to perform surgery on your daughter … you prefer the chief surgeon!

Please do not forget that the trading business is about making money. Our goal is to SHARE our professional trading knowledge with students, so that each of them willfreely transmit, sooner or later our profitable & consistent techniques, first to their sons & daughters, and then later to other students for a very convenient fee.

As a comparison, more than 70 years later, we still rely on technical analysis created and shared, in the low 1930s by Richard W. Schabacker !

In all modesty… Who knows if somebody will mention our name in the year 2050, but in our opinion, one thing is sure…The Integrated Pitchfork Analysis created and developed by us, will still be around! Why? Because it is very profitable, if properly applied! And the big merit will belong to Babson and Dr Alan H. Andrews. The former created the first steps of Pitchfork Analysis, more than three quarters of the century ago and the latter continued its development since the low 1960s… !

By the way…Today’s the 20th of August 2007, and we are writing this in Paris.

If you are still hesitating, ask yourself why the CME & CBOT traders are using our technique. More detail concerning these traders can be found in the Introduction of Volume I.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Dr Mircea Dologa, MD, CTA, MTA affiliate Paris – France