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How to avoid the Fraud in learning the trading business?

Greetings Joyce,

Thank you for your interest in my trading & research work!

Concerning your affirmation, I completely agree with you about the existence of fraud in the process of learning the trading business. The traders call it: the snake oil. There are some ways to efficiently avoid it.

1.Mainly, you should look for the professional credential records of these teaching people. If they are not registered with the National Futures Association (NFA), controlled by the US Government, and have not the title of Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA), they can’t advise legally anybody in Futures trading, without a great risk which could go up to prison.

2.The trainer should preferably be, not only a successful trader but also an adviser and a good teacher.

He/she should also keep up to day, in new trading techniques, so he can improve even more his consistency and that of his students. This is best done by publishing his research work in well known, very serious technical magazines, like TASC magazine (Technical Analysis & Stocks & Commodities) and Futures magazine.

The trainer should preferably belong to Market Technicians Association (MTA) a very professional organization, which maintains high standards for the science of Technical Analysis.

Hope this helps! Best Regards,

Dr Mircea Dologa, MD, CTA, MTA affiliate