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How to become a consistently profitable Trader?

Greetings Joe,

Many thanks for your interest in my research and trading work!

Firstlylet me assure that this e-mail has nothing to do with the fact that you will, or will not purchase any of our services! Most of the time, the trading assistance is reserved to our students. The only reason that incites me to reply to you, in spite of my overloaded program (around 12hrs daily) is that I was in exactly in the same demanding situation, many years ago. Then in my twenties, I desperately needed some guidance. The free advices were very scarce around!

In order to learn successful trading you need to do one of the two following things:

-Either through self-apprenticeshipit takes a lot of time, money and you will not be able to grasp alone correctly & methodically the principles of money management & psychological aspects of trading. They make together more than 80% of the trading act.

-Either doing it with a help of a mentor - which takes far less time, but your money fee side, will be more visible because you’ll have to give it in a shorter period of time.

In order to reply to your question “… will your Courses allow me to attain my trading goals?» The answer is a sincere Yes!

I have to inform you know that our educational background and our professional ethics do not allow us to publish unreliable or inconsistent information. As a Commodity Trading Advisor (you may go to National Futures Association web site and verify my official credentials regulated by the US Government), I am bound to inform you that in any trading activity is a risk of loosing money. The secret of avoiding it, when you are a novice, resides in the right choice of learning tools. AND… Integrated Pitchfork Analysisis one of them, may be the best! For more details please refer to Testimonials.

Now… let’s be more specific! Volume I of my book was designed for novice and intermediate traders. Once you have assimilated the topics properly (it will depend on you, and you’ll be the only Judge), you will have to do trading simulations. When you have 15 winning days, in a row, only then you may start real trading with one contract using Dow Jones e-mini ($5 per point). It’s a great learning vehicle!

After a couple of months of consistency, you may begin the study of Volume II of my book, which will confer you the professional level of trading!!!

Hope this reply will satisfy and enhance your trading enthusiasm

Always look for the unknown path by the crowd… Always expect the unexpected!

I wish you all the luck in the world!

Best Greetings,

Dr. Mircea Dologa, MD, CTA