Volume 1 - Charts Excerpts from the Course "Integrated Pitchfork Analysis"

Figure 1

The gaps are one of the best money makers chart formations, if the trader learns how to catch these opportunities and how to use the right tools. In this chart, all started with analyzing the pre-open market, which had the optimal predispositions for an incoming down-sloping day: sudden rise of Crude Oil price, lower closes of S&P 500 and Nikkei, etc.

Figure 2

As the pre-open market announced, the price dropped like a stone in deep waters. The kinetics of the breakaway & runaway gaps assisted the trader to attain his profit objective at 4991.5.

Figure 3

Elliot waves structure optimally reveals: the market direction and the exact market price location ("where we are going and where we are now").


Dr. Mircea Dologa

Dr. Mircea Dologa


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Unique Content

This second & third parts are the culmination of our research work, mostly never published or presented before. It represents years of research and it has two goals: the use of original tools(assisting the trader to be ahead of the crowd) and becoming consistently profitable trader.