"Our teaching has a single purpose...
let everybody who is naturally endowed with ambition, mind acuity, perseverance and desire to learn, to be part of our sharing experience! It is the only way we know to accompany the trader from the starting blocks to the high territories of the green grass plateaus...!"
  • Don't try to get a “home run”!
    This trading strategy is doomed to fail and to loose your capital.
  • Always keep in mind the "Systematized Visualization" main factors and think in terms of:
    • Peaks & Troughs on all three multiple time frames,
    • Breaches of Trending Levels,
    • Fibonacci & Gann Retracements,
    • Last Close compared with the previous one,
    • Trend Line Drawings,
    • Chart Formations,
    • And Reversal Bars.
  • Be fully aware of the "weight of evidence". Let it decide for you when the trend’s reversal might take control of the market flow.
  • The "Systematized Visualization" is a visual act, which can really emphasize the trading result outcome. Train your eyes to scan the chart in a systematized manner!
  • Whenever in front of an Elliott pattern, immediately apply our credo: "Lack of a clear chart pattern is the Ultimate no Action indicator!" Make sure that the distinct rules of impulsive pattern are/aren’t respected: the W2 retracement, the W3 length & the W4 overlapping/or not of the W1.
  • Keep in mind that when W3 is equal or bigger than 1.146*W1, an impulsive pattern is developing rather than a corrective pattern.
  • Whenever facing a trending situation, whether that could be (a W1, a W3 or a W5), immediately think of our tools and implement only the most efficient: the birthing rectangle & its extensions, the two main ascending trend lines, the allocated major pitchfork, the price & time Fibonacci ratios and their Arcs, the Action/Reaction set-up.
  • The Miner & Fisher Fibonacci Ratio Calculations give a real professional edge over the crowd. Their purpose is to acquire the narrowest cluster zone having the maximum levels.
  • Remember that the most probable target of the W5’s reversal move is the W4 belonging to the same prior impulsive pattern.