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Beginner and Intermediate Level

Volume 1 is focussing on developing the basic knowledge of the pitchfork analysis through the market dynamics and the morphology of the pitchfork (market kinetics and study of pitchfork’s structure: definition, form, inflexion, derivation and compounding).
No prior knowledge of trading is required.

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Introduction & Disclaimer
Chapter 1 - Birth of Pivots
Basement of pitchfork construction
Chapter 2 - Pivot Choice Criteria
Optimal market description
Chapter 3 - Magnet Power of Median Line (ML)
Dual role - price attractor and market axis
Chapter 4 - Mini-Median Line (mml)
Border, inside, steep and twin pivot formations - fractals of a fractal
Chapter 5 - Warning Lines (WL)
Ergonomic tool for trading volatile markets
Chapter 6 - Trigger Lines (TL)
Dual role - trade unlatched potential and strong market levels
Chapter 7 - Sliding Parallel Lines (SH or PH)
Hidden parallel lines
Chapter 8 - Un-Orthodox Trend Lines
Stealthy trend lines
Chapter 9 - Minor and Major Pitchforks
Integration among pitchforks - fractal within fractal
Chapter 10 - Schiff Pitchfork Method - construction, market integration and dynamics
Missing link - efficient substitute when the traditional pitchfork cannot be drawn
Chapter 11 - Action/Reaction (A&R) Lines
Construction, synergy, conversion into pitchforks and their dynamics
Chapter 12 - Gap Median Line
Neglected though efficient tool
Chapter 13 - Breakaway and Runaway Gap Median Lines
Unveiling the potential of big market movements
Chapter 14 - Fibonacci Price Lines
Support/resistance (S/R) makers
Chapter 15 - Confluences
Cardinal tool revealing intersecting hidden levels
Chapter 16 - Mirror bars
Reversal, stop loss and trail key levels
Chapter 17 - Energy Building Rectangles
Exhaustion and rebuilding energy areas
Chapter 18 - Pitchforks’ Journey through the Multiple Time Frames
Hardly known pitchfork time translations
Chapter 19 - Case studies & Money Management
Complete case description, three pawn rule and strict money management follow-up
Appendix n° 1 – Historical Basis
Appendix n° 2 – 80/20 Percent Rule
Appendix n° 3 – Contents Volume 2
Appendix n° 4 – Multiple Time Frames – Analogy Study Satellite Multi-Altitude Level Snapshots
Appendix n° 5 – Published articles by Author

Figure 1

The morphology of the pitchfork reveals a true relation between price and time, in both trending or sideways markets.

Figure 2

Multiple pitchforks set-up is one of the indispensables elements, which senses the abrupt change of the trending market

Figure 3

The price faithfully describes the down-sloping market through the channel formed by the internal median line and the upper median line in the search for the path of the least resistance!

Figure 4

The market outburst with a high steamed momentum, is best described by a pitchfork having the anchor at the high, the middle or the low of a gap. The anchor is on this chart at the high gap pivot.

Figure 5

The choice of the Schiff median line is very useful when the projected pitchfork faces a "vis-á-vis" swing, especially after a reversal, followed by a breakaway gap.

Figure 6

Most of the traders don't think of observing "what doesn't happen" on the chart. The concept of running out of steam gives the trader a serious edge to reveal the up-sloping or down-sloping failures, especially in topping or bottoming markets. They are the basement of many low-risk high-probability trades.

Figure 7

Some of Action / Reaction line set-ups bring the question of integrating a pitchfork with a suspended pivot (P2 in our case). Only one thing counts ... get the best market description!

Figure 8

The pitchfork perfectly integrates in the multiple pitchforks set-up, to pinpoint a possible reversal, or the termination of the current swing.

Figure 9

The sideways market, which represents around 70% of the trading time is very well put to profit with the association of the horizontal trend line support-resistance and the usual multiple pitchforks set-up.

These Excel Spreadsheet is reserved to our book Readers and can be freely obtained as executable file.

1.The 80/20 Percent Rule

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